Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Cute Print Report

As a challenge to myself, I'm going to try to write about this dress without exclamation points or the word "amazing".

It's going to be really hard.
Susan from Una just dropped off 3 of her new Amethea Tunic Dresses from her Spring collection. I have a feeling I'm going to dream about the dress and the Pony Herd Print on it tonight.

Here it is in our window with a Whale Tail necklace by Amy Bengtson in Rosewood.

And here is that close up of the Ponies and necklace you wanted. You are most welcome.

Printed Ts, longsleeves, and dolman sweatshirts by Supermaggie are also new in the shop. We love their original drawings of animals, natural forms, and geometry.
Come meet this Buffalo. He's in good company with a Fox, Horses, and some beautiful Feathers.


New in the Shop this week!

I know I should probably save this picture for a big reveal moment at the end of this post - but I can't help but start with it. The Tippi dress by Popomomo was built with dramatic exits in mind.

I can't decide if I'd rather wear this dress and throw a drink in someone's face, or to float blithely in a row boat with a parasol on a sunny day.

Tough call.

The front of the dress seems so innocent.

Here's another sunny sleeper - the Waves Tank by Popomomo. Beautiful, simple, and surprisingly dramatic.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Ballard Art Walk this Saturday!

Hello folks!
This sometimes-sunny weather is putting us all in the mood for some Spring cleaning! Luckily, Isabelle Robertson, our featured March artist, has printed a brand new batch of tea towels under the label Piano Nobile to get us all cleaning in style.

In addition to printed tea towels, market totes, and t-shirts, Isabelle will be showcasing some bright and lovely prints to adorn our walls--so please stop by this Saturday's Artwalk and take a look. We'll also be featuring local designer Marija Suk of Tashna; she'll be bringing a Spring-selection of flowery headbands, necklaces, and new pouches(!) for all your accessory-organizin' needs.

Even though the weather hasn't quite caught up yet, Spring is blooming at Velouria! We're getting really excited about all the dresses coming in that we hand-picked for you back in October when the thought of silk and bright colors seemed a distant dream. Please stop by, say hello, and have some wine and cookies as you check out our newest arrivals--we think you'll find just the thing to coax Spring along with us.

Hope we see you Saturday!
Cat & Chika

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New stock in this week!

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So many new arrivals this week! Deliveries from Deco Modiste, Christine Chaney, Judah Ross, Feral Childe and Etcetera Jewelry just in the past two days!

Pictured on the left Judah Ross, Tilly singlet in marigold with Hargett Street skirt in indigo wearing a necklace by Amy Bengtson and on the right Feral Childe, Radio dress in mauve stripe with a necklace by Nikki Jacoby.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012