Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Cute Print Report

As a challenge to myself, I'm going to try to write about this dress without exclamation points or the word "amazing".

It's going to be really hard.
Susan from Una just dropped off 3 of her new Amethea Tunic Dresses from her Spring collection. I have a feeling I'm going to dream about the dress and the Pony Herd Print on it tonight.

Here it is in our window with a Whale Tail necklace by Amy Bengtson in Rosewood.

And here is that close up of the Ponies and necklace you wanted. You are most welcome.

Printed Ts, longsleeves, and dolman sweatshirts by Supermaggie are also new in the shop. We love their original drawings of animals, natural forms, and geometry.
Come meet this Buffalo. He's in good company with a Fox, Horses, and some beautiful Feathers.


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